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Cryo-thermal containers at controlled temperature

The use of thermal envelopes in the field of blood products, vaccines, sera, and insulin has improved the qualitative aspect of this important sector during conveyance.
Usually, drugs’ distributors deliver to pharmacies the products sensitive to temperature’s variations with this container and whose size depends on medicinal products, fully customizable in size, printing, closing and shapes.

“And from pharmacy to home?” Here’s the solution!

We are attentive to the final consumer. The innovation of the product lies in the reduction of container’s sizes making it handy. Maintaining the temperature of thermo-sensitive medicines is important both from the distributor to the pharmacy, as well as from pharmacy to the final consumer. With its standard conformation this envelope voids the thermal shock up to customer’s home. Using gels, transport times increase.

Everything is fully customizable to transform the envelope in a simple, useful, original and enduring advertising mean.


Each of our closures has been duly designed to solve the problems connected to a certain type of use and a certain load endurance.

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